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Who are you and what do you REALLY want? If you are in transition, or feel stuck or blocked in any way, you’ve come to the right place. Seattle Healing is a place where you can begin to discover and connect to the greatness that has been inside of you all along!

My intention is to guide you to your greatest potential, whether you’re looking for a minor shift or radical transformation. I believe that profound life changes and healing are possible, real and yours for the taking! We’ll work together to create a practical plan that fits your life and stays true to who you are. During our session, I will use a variety of hypnotherapy techniques and coaching tools that will help you uncover the obstacles that have been holding you back from the life of joy and purpose that you deserve!

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The Healing Power of Reiki

So what is Reiki?
Put simply, Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that promotes balance within our whole system – body, mind and soul. This means that although we may come to the Reiki table looking for relief from some physical ailment or emotional issue, we may find that we start to reap the benefits on many levels and in unexpected ways. Reiki does not discriminate; it just flows through us and helps our bodies to heal themselves in whatever way is best for us at that point in time. Check it this article and discover all the ways that Reiki might benefit you!


Hi! I'm Laura. I am a Certified hypnotherapist and Transformational Life Coach. My goal is to empower my clients to live a life filled with purpose and joy. No settling, so dig in and enjoy the process!

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