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My intention is to guide you to your greatest potential, whether you’re looking for a minor shift or radical transformation. I believe that profound life changes and healing are possible, real and yours for the taking! We’ll work together to create a practical plan that fits your life and stays true to who you are. During our session, I will use a variety of hypnotherapy techniques and coaching tools that will help you uncover the obstacles that have been holding you back from the life of joy and purpose that you deserve!

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Hypnotherapy and Heartbreak

734292_10100314186664317_304152431_n[1]Hypnotherapy and Heartbreak

It is hard to imagine anything worse than a broken heart. Sometimes severe physical pain seems like a walk in the park compared to the gut wrenching emotional pain that is brought on by a traumatic break up or loss. You can’t eat or sleep, you can barely make it to work if you get there at all, and you can’t even listen to the radio because every song reminds you of that person. Your friends and family try and cheer you up but they can’t because no one understands the profound loss that you are experiencing.

Don’t suffer any longer Hypnotherapy can help! I am not proposing a magic cure; that is not how it works. Although it seems like the best case scenario would be to have this person completed erased from your consciousness, that theory is flawed for two reasons. First of all even if you were able to eradicate the memory of that person from you mind, it doesn’t mean that you would eliminate the emotions and experiences that were associated with them. The depression, anger, hurt, and sadness would all still be there and you would attract someone new into your experience that would trigger all of the same negative feelings. The only way to get over tough emotions is to work through them. It is only with acceptance and understanding that closure and personal growth can take place. Secondly, history has a tendency to repeat itself. If you are unaware of the self-destructive mistakes you have made during past relationships, you will continue to follow this pattern.

Our minds are divided into two parts: the conscious and the subconscious. The conscious mind is in charge of the thoughts we are aware of, such as deciding which route to take to work or what to order for lunch. Our subconscious mind takes care of what we don’t realize we’re thinking about, such as regulating our breathing. Both our conscious and subconscious minds form ideas based on our observations and experiences, but there are two major differences between them. First, we are aware of our conscious thoughts but unaware of our subconscious thoughts. And second, our conscious thoughts are based on logic and reason whereas our subconscious thoughts are based entirely on emotions and are often irrational.

Think about your previous exes, the ones from years ago.  Maybe you look back at the experience with fond memories, or maybe you wonder, “What in the world was I thinking?!” Either way you are no longer emotionally attached to them. Even if you were devastated after the relationship first ended, you are no longer connected to the pain associated with that person. Hypnotherapy can help you re-evaluate your feelings for your newest ex and put them in a context that will help you begin the process of moving on with your life. You will not erase any parts of the experience from your memory, but you will be able to ease the pain and find closure.

By truly understanding and accepting what went wrong, you will be able to identify the sabotaging subconscious programs you have been running. These are the negative messages that we send ourselves. The conscious mind may be completely unaware of these messages, however as long as they exist they are driving some form of unwanted behavior.  For example, the need to control, the need to rescue, playing the victim, or feelings of unworthiness in general are a few of the fear based beliefs that can lead to unsatisfying relationships.

You know the relationship has ended and that you are devastated, but do you know why? This is where hypnotherapy comes in. Hypnotherapy uses intense relaxation therapy in order to access your subconscious and uncover the real reason why you just can’t seem to move on. From there, powerful motivational suggestions will help you gain the strength and confidence you need to accept and get beyond what’s happened. You will emerge on the other side of the break-up feeling relaxed and refreshed. Through achieving self-awareness, you will be able to not only grow from these past events, but become emotionally healthy enough to make positive decisions in the future. This will lead to a stronger, more stable and happier love life.

So what are you waiting for? Do you want to find an incredible relationship and pursue your big dreams? Through the use of awesome hypnotherapy and coaching techniques I will guide you to your own answers.  I ask the hard questions, provide unwavering support, and help you pursue your joy with mindfulness, honesty and hope.  If you are ready to find peace and start moving on with your life call me at 206-765-8265 for a complimentary 15 minute consultation.

Hi! I'm Laura. I am a Certified hypnotherapist and Transformational Life Coach. My goal is to empower my clients to live a life filled with purpose and joy. No settling, so dig in and enjoy the process!

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